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10 Novelty Waffle Makers That’ll Make Breakfast More Fun

Waffles are awesome. But do you ever get bored of the same ol’ square shape? Do you want to remove some of the blandness of your waffles? Here are some awesome waffle makers to make your breakfast more fun and exciting!

Star Wars Millennium Flacon Waffle Maker

Star Wars Waffle Maker

One of the most iconic starships in the galaxy. Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon!

CucinaPro Building Brick Electric Waffle Maker

Tetris LEGO block style waffle maker

Whoever coined the term ‘don’t play with your food’ was probably boring and not fun to hang out with. Get creative and start building things with your waffles with these Lego-like pieces!

Emoji Faces Waffle Maker

emoji waffle maker

Who doesn’t like emojis? A text without an emoji is a message void of joy. What better way to start your day than with a fun expression on your breakfast?

Snowflake Shaped Waffle Maker

snowflake waffles

Clearly the best breakfast to have when it starts snowing outside. Snow day waffles!

Heart Shape Waffle Maker

heart shaped waffles

Show your love with heart shaped waffles! You really going to not have this at the ready when Valentine’s day arrives?

Pokemon Ball & Pikachu Waffle Maker

Breakfast of Poke’mon Champions.

The Mandalorian The Child (a.k.a. Baby Yoda) Waffle Maker

Baby Yoda took the world by storm and stole our hearts. He can now be enjoyed as a waffle.

Waffle Bowl Maker

This shape opens up all kinds of new possibilities of how to enjoy a waffle!

Computer Keyboard Shaped Waffle Maker

A great gift for a web developer, software engineer or general computer wiz!

Guardians of the Galaxy ‘Groot’ Waffle Maker

Groot Waffles