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App-Controlled Smart Plug Outlets

Smart Wifi Plug Outlets are one of the many new-age products that bring the world one step closer to a Smart Home type world. Which may or may not be a good thing. One negative being, you might become lazy!

Don’t mean to judge. You might be the type of person that finds other things to do while your increasingly smart residence takes care of everything for you. Maybe not. Maybe you will choose to spend this time watching more TV and eating potato chips!

Anyways, I digress. The point here is, buying smart outlet plugs like the Kasa Smart WiFi Plug will make your life easier, potentially making you lazier (but we won’t judge.. much.)

For instance, you will no longer have to use your brain power to remember if you turned your X electronic off, as you will have options. You can have an automatic timer to turn it off, or even more cool, you can just check with your smartphone and turn the appliance off remotely if need be.

To make you even more lazy and dependent on technology, you can just use voice commands to do everything. The Kasa Smart WiFi Plug is compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

So instead of getting out of your chair, walking to the outlet and flipping a switch, you can just say “Hey Alexa, turn off the kitchen light…” You see? How is this not going to make you lazy!

So you have a choice here. Keep your human independence and enjoy life with a little bit of effort & discipline. OR, let the machines take over your life and turn you into a lazy person. Things are getting way to easy now. I still frown upon GPS because I don’t need stop my car to unfold maps anymore. Too easy people!