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Credit Card Style ‘Swisscard’ Pocket Tool

SwissCard Pocket Tool

The SwissCard is a cool spin on the old-school Swiss Army knife. Shaped like a credit card that you place in your wallet, it comes with all your favorite Swiss Army knife accessories: A letter Opener/Blade, Scissors, Straight Pin, Nail File, Screwdriver, Tweezers, Toothpick, Pressurized Ball Point Pen & Ruler

swiss army credit card colors

You could definitely find some Swiss Army knives with more accessories, but the benefit of the SwissCard is (a) it just looks cool, and makes you feel like a boss when you show it off and (b) you are less likely to forget to bring it with you or lose it.

Don’t fall into that situation when Swiss Army knife tools would come in handy, but you left it on your dresser! Instead, you’ll be like, “Oh! I have my SwissCard Pocket Tool on me.” Then you end up saving the day.

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