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5 Funky Steampunk Styled USB Drives

Steampunk Pentode Radio Tube USB Flash Drive – If you are in need of some retro or stempunk style equipment, this orange glowing Steampunk Pentode Radio Tube USB Flash Drive 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB will help fill that void.
Retro USSR military equipment. Christmas Birthday gift.

Or this MULTICOLORED Pentode 16/32/64/128/256GB Radio tube USB 3.1 Flash drive with wood stand. Handmade Steampunk Retro style. Craft ART. – if you you want some color options

Steampunk USB Flash Drive w/ Alien DNA Arrow – This one has an interesting spiral with a green glow to spark some extraterrestrial vibes. Also comes with storage options of 16/32/64/128/256GB. Buy though!

Steampunk USB Stick, Flash Drive “Generation” USB 3.0 – This USB design has more of that 1800s Wild Wild West type tech, something you would bring if you were to go back in time with your laptop. It looks like it does something more than hold computer data and files but it really is just a USB drive, with a cool funky steampunk style! Get it through!


Cryptex Round Lock Compass, USB Flash Drive 32 GB – Is that a steampunk pocket watch? No! This is a steampunk USB drive, that is strikingly similar to a steampunk pocket watch. Compass? No! Get this at