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Magnetic Levitation Floating Holder

If you’re looking for something to make your living space more futuristic or like to pretend you are in the world of Star Trek, this “levitating” holder would be a nice item for you.

It serves no real purpose other than looking cool. But I mean, look at it! This will impress all the geeky tech ladies in your life, for sure.

The base contains a microprocessor and the electronic components that enable levitation through magnetic scientific magic.

The platform holder that you put your stuff on floats above the base and can rotate about 5 – 8 seconds per lap. Which is a perfect way to dramatically show off your beloved smartphone, for example. You can also put your lunch on there, your keys, whatever you want really (within reason, of course.. it probably wouldn’t hold the weight of a bowling ball).

The LED lighting also serves as a great way to showcase your more cherished objects.