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Remotely View, Interact & Feed Treats to Your Dog With This

The hardest part about being a dog owner is having to go to work and leave them throughout the day. Thankfully this gadget solves this issue, and lets you virtually hang out with your dog throughout the day while you are gone!

The Owlet Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser has a 2-Way Audio and a 1080p camera that connects with your smartphone and allows you to interact with your doggy from afar.

What does your dog do throughout the day while you are gone anyway? This helps you find out! And if your furbaby is being a good doggy, go ahead and reward them with a treat. With a touch of a button on your smartphone the Owlet will dispense a treat remotely.

You can enjoy the reaction from your dog when a treat magically appears from this gadget, or you can turn on the 2-Way audio to let your dog know it came from you.

Your pup’ might be confused why you are inside a box?? But it doesn’t matter, as long as doggy owner is “there”, doggy is happy.