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Rideye – A Continuous Cam Recorder For Bikers


If you ride a bicycle to commute, or just for pleasure, you have probably had a near miss or two from a crazy driver. The road is crazy enough as it is but when you’re trying to navigate with a bike, it can feel like your life is constantly in danger.

You may not be able to make the roadways any more safer, but you can at least protect yourself from a hit and run (or at least catch the runner).

Rideeye is an innovative product for cyclists that attaches to any bike handlebars and will record everything.

Rideye is a black box camera for your bike.

In airplanes, a black box is a device that records everything that happens so that when there is a crash it can be used to determine what went wrong.

dash cam for bikes

Rideye will record everything in high definition video on its internal memory. RidEye removes oldest videos to make room for new ones.

If an incident occurs, you can save the file for proof. If a crash occurs, the device will detect this and automatically do this for you.

The Rideye is an awesome gadget bicyclists can use to prevent false claims during an accident and to provide a way to catch those hit and run scum on the road.

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