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Smart Door Lock with Smartphone Controls & Fingerprint Scanner

This smart deadbolt door lock gives you better security and smarter access to your home.

U Bolt Bluetooth Smart Lock

You have the option to use a standard key for entry or the keypad, finger scan, and even use your smartphone.

If you hate the hassle of opening your door, you can set up the “auto unlock” feature which will automatically open the door when it senses you and your smartphone are nearby.

smart lock with notifications and entry logs

Beyond the multiple ways you can access your home, you can feel secure knowing you will be notified whenever it is used (through your smartphone) and will have a log of all times of entry.

This can be useful in many different ways… “I told you to be home be 10pm! The door lock notified me you were back at 10:45! You’re grounded!” Or of course, if you get notified while on vacation that someone got access through your door… time to call the police!

open door lock with smartphone

Ever get in that situation while out and about and you can’t remember if you locked the door or not? Luckily, this smart lock will let you know through your smartphone app! And of course, you can unlock your door through said app while you are out, in case someone needs entry while you aren’t around.

temporary codes smart door lock

Temporary codes are a great feature that comes with this smart door lock. A perfect solution for temporary guest usage, such as AirBnB hosts, friends or relatives you would rather not give your permanent key code entry to.

House cleaners? You can’t trust them! Give them a temporary code and make sure they are in and out when they say using the data log on your app! Okay, I’m sure your house cleaners are trust worthy, I don’t want to make you paranoid. But you never know….. Better safe with some smart home door lock technology than sorry!

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