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USB Flash Drive With Fingerprint Scanner

Not only will this cool USB flash drive protect your data (up to 32GB) with its biometric fingerprint scanning technology, preventing unauthorized access. You will literally seem like a secret agent to people seeing you use it.

Imagine, you’re at Starbucks enjoying a cup of joe. You stick this baby into your laptop, scan your finger, and unlock your important digital stuffs.

The cute lady in the corner sees you doing this.

“What the heck? Who is that? Am I witnessing some sort of high level government agent causally looking over top-secret documents at a Starbucks?? *gasp* What if it has to do with the alien cover-up?!”

Meanwhile, you are perusing a bunch of embarrassing photos you took from New Years eve that will destroy your reputation if the wrong person sees them. They’re still funny though, great memories. Hence why you need a secure flash drive!

But the cute lady doesn’t know this. For all she knows you are part of deep state, and this is serious business. 

She nervously walks up to you, because her curiosity has gotten the better of her.

“So, whatcha’ got there?” -Her

“I’m afraid this information is confidential.” -You

Charmed by your mystery, infatuated by your secretive allure, she buys you a cup of coffee in the hopes she can date you, and possibility figure out what is behind your high-tech USB fingerprint drive.

If you want this hypothetical relationship to last, I suggest you keep the mystery alive.