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Cyber Punk Gas Mask with Programmable LED Display

digital steampunk

This cool cyber punk gas mask also comes with integrated fans inside the filter that blow air inside the mask (with automatic shut down) – press a button to turn on the air conditioning so you can cyber punk in comfort.

This wearable gadget was created by Etsy shop seller Kellermannsoutcome and is one of many rad styles available for those that need to better express their inner cyber steam punk.

cyber punk mask

The mask has a built in programmable LED-Matrix which you can control and program with your smartphone after downloading the free Chemion App via google play store or app store.

Design your own LED display with animations, symbols, emojis, texts. Impress viewers by switching up the emojis, animations or text on-demand by pushing the button on the mask and through your smartphone while it is connected to your mask.