Remote Control Spiders For Scare Pranks

remote control spiders

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to enjoy these scary remote control spiders. Great to use all year-round for pranks and getting a scare out of your loved ones. Cause who doesn’t love spiders?!

With very cool life-like motion of a Tarantula spider with Real-like Skin, Glowing Eyes, Eight Moving Legs!

Pop a few batteries into the spider and controller (9V and 2 x AA) and you can move the spider in all directions and even use an “auto” mode, for a creepy life like motion of an actual spider.

This RC spider comes with scary red stripes and glowing LED eyes. Crawls with eight legs forward, left, right, and it even spins 360 degrees to freak everyone out!

Check out this video of some mad genius who built from scratch a giant radio controlled spider for Halloween to scare kids. The fangs lift up and shoot ‘venom’ (water) about 15′ at terrified trick or treaters.