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Eilik Robot Companion For Your Office Desktop

With so many people switching to the remote work lifestyle, some employees are finding they are missing the water cooler social interaction they got at the office! Don’t worry, this little gadget is here to keep you company at home!

The interactive movements of this little bot are eerily life-like. In isolation with Eilik for too long and you might easily be convinced this is an actually sentient being!

Eilik responds to touch, gets moody and is afraid of heights! And the little bot is quick to let you know its feelings through facial expressions and funny movements.

To enhance that “robot pet feeling” Eilik’s personality grows depending on how you interact with it. Treat him with love, and he will act more happy and friendly towards you. Mess with Eilik’s emotions too much, say by toying with his fear of heights, and he will be more grumpy!

While you listen to music, Eilik will dance along to the tunes! He will also repeat words heard in a funny way, matching lip movements and displaying unique digital facial expressions.

Eilik isn’t all distraction though. You got work to do, so Eilik comes with a built in countdown timer and a customizable Pomodoro timer to keep you on track.

Regular updates are available via Eilik’s cross-platform software, so that he will be smarter, get more expressions, and download more plot content. Every update will make Eilik a better bot for you. Click Here to Learn More About Eilik!