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“CarWink” Lets You Display Emoji Messages From Your Car’s Back Window

The idea is pretty cool. Using voice control, you can tell your CarWink to display certain emoji’s on your rear window as to communicate your thoughts & feelings to other drivers.

You can display emoji face or short phrases like, “Thanks” or “SLOW”.

In the future, if the CarWink takes off, the creators promise that you’ll be able to add your own custom emoji’s and phrases to communicate with drivers (behind you).

While I love the idea of showing an angry face, or an emoji middle-finger to jerks on the road, this will probably just add gasoline to the fire of road rage.

Imagine some basket case on the road. They see your little emoji face, or a phrase that says “SLOW”. What do you think a basket case is going to do? The opposite. He is going to lose control and start doing some crazy shet on the road to fight for his honor cause he feels victimized now after being “emojied” on the road.

Fun idea? Yes. Practical? No, people will get murdered over this. Mark my words.